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Frequently Asked Questions.
This site has needed this section for a long time, it will be a work in progress but I will try and add common questions
everyday.  Another a great place to find info about my site is my free game forum, link in the navigation bar on the left.  

The price seems to go to be true, is the code really legit?
  1. First both of my payment methods Google and Paypal have buyer protection and a refund policy on defective
    products, so you gain protection there.  
  2. Second bit of advice I always give is to google Jasper1675 or ask around in any of the major game forums.  I sell
    around 35,000 codes a year so you wont have to look hard to find info on me.  
  3. Third bit of advice is to check out my picture page, I pictured some of my cards there, around 15,000 (about 750,000
    US dollars, 500,000 British pounds, or  575,000 Euros worth of product in that one picture alone) refer to pictures of
    product below.  
  4. Yes I am the Jasper1675 from ebay with the 6000+ 100% feedback, I don't sell there anymore because they changed
    their policy on digital goods and also the final value fees where getting a bit high.  The bill for my last month was
    $10,000 on ebay I figured I was working hard they were getting rich so I left.  

Pictures of the product.
  1. Below you will find a link to some photos and a video of me opening cards.  I have done this because no matter how
    many cards I sell or how many forums post that they have purchased the codes without issue.  I get people who still
    think it is some kind of Key Generator so to put a permanent end to this speculation I posted this below.    
  2. Click here to visit the pictures of the cards.  

Why is this site so simple looking?
  1. The honest answer is I'm not a great web designer. I actually am so busy answering Email's I never get a chance to
    update anything.
  2. The simple design makes it easy for me to change the information.  There are actually allot more pages than are
    listed on the menu bar, I have pages that are written in Languages besides English that are not listed there.  
  3. The other major reason is I want it to be very simple for people to complete their purchase.  I hate going to a website
    and having to go to ten different pages just buy what I was looking for.  Here it is one great big button press it fill out
    the info and you are done, I like simple.  I look at it as my customer is here to buy a Xbox card not see my dazzling
    web designing skills, I'm good at selling the xbox cards not so much the web design.

Where is the contact information, is this run out of Jasper's house?
  1. I list the email address on the website if you make a purchase you are given my customer service contact number.  
    The phone number listed is for my insurance agency that I own, that is the office I work out of also the employees
    there work on the Xbox cards.  If you call during the week they will answer and from time to time people do call.  If you
    call on a Sunday afternoon and get the voice mail don't be shocked.  I have not listed my cell phone if I did that and it
    started ringing in the middle of the night for xbox cards I would be upset since I actually do have to sleep.  I virtually
    never take phone calls I spend my entire day answering email's.  
  2. Honestly I think of my office as my HP laptop and my HTC touch pro cell phone.  I answer email's everywhere
    yesterday I was even doing email's from the school bus while driving down the road on my way to an away basketball
    game (i coach basketball for the local school district).  Two months ago I was a cruise, and I was answering email's
    and working from the middle of the ocean.  So no it is not run out of my house, but I do work from my house or
    anywhere that has Internet and power for the laptop.  

Methods to contact me?
  1. I have several methods to contact me.  
  2. Email.
  3. Web forms.
  4. A public forum no other card website has this.  If you go to my free web forum you will find a feedback section where I
    regularly answer questions and deal with issues.   I feel this is a very important feature because no matter what Spam
    filters do there is always a place to contact me.  Also I like it because it gives people a chance to see common
    questions and answers that come up also gives you an idea of my response times.  
  5. Last the phone.

What if something goes wrong with my code how long does it take for Jasper to get back to me?
  1. I wish i could say I got back to every customer instantly but that would be impossible.  I do answer email's every day
    even on weekends, and I try and make sure I answer every email from that day before I go to bed.  My work day starts
    the moment I get out of bed typically I have the laptop out when I'm drinking my morning coffee and I'm answering
    email's.  How many email's i get in the morning determines how quickly I can get back to them all, some morning I'm
    caught up in 45 minutes others it takes a few hours to get back to them all.  Caught up is also a misleading thing that
    just means at that minute everything that came in before second has been answered, I get between 100 and 300
    email's a day and they come in all day long.  I do take breaks through out the day.  I have things that come up that I
    have to deal with from; ordering more stock, banking, or what ever other issue comes up.  After 5 pm I try and take 4
    to 6 hours off straight to spend with my family then before bed I will check over to make sure I have all the email's
    answered on the day.  Do not let 5 pm fool you, I live on the west coast of the USA so for me 5pm is 1am in the U.K., 3
    a.m. In Germany, and 11pm in Brazil.   Saturday and Sunday are a bit more laid back for me I typically try and only
    check the email 8 to 20 times during the day, it honestly more a sanity thing I need to take time away from the PC or I
    will go crazy.  Days off well those don't happen last one of those I took was 6 months ago, but I'm thinking of taking
    one in March 2009 if I do thought I will post it on th site in advance.  

Do you always have cards in stock?
  1. Yes I almost always have cards in stock if I don't I will post it on the website at the top of all the pages, and if for some
    reason I have a delay on shipping the cards I always let people know and offer refunds to anyone who can't wait.  I
    think the last time I was out of stock was a weekend in May of 2008.  Please don't write and ask me if the cards are in
    stock if they are ever out I will post it.

Christmas questions?
  1. The cards do not expire so you can wait until Christmas to input them.  
  2. The time will not start until the day they are input.
  3. I will be answering email's on Christmas day.
  4. I do not send out the physical card, it is hard enough for me to keep up with everything during this time of year
    sending out physical cards I would never have the time.  In 2007 I actually turned of my ebay account for a week just
    to catch up.  I have allot more staff for this year so not expecting that in 2008, but I will be working at capacity.

Will I Wholesale the cards?
  1. Yes and no.  Here is the issue have with that typically a wholesale involves allot of product and I have to feel
    comfortable with it before I send a bunch of cards to someone I don't know, I only do bulk sales via mass payment on
  2. Second my bulk pricing is not the cheapest and I know it, there are a couple of young men who work for Microsoft and
    steal the cards from Microsoft and resell them pretty cheaply.  I do not purchase the cards from them I pay for
    legitimate cards only so I can't compete with them and have no intention of doing that ( I disagree with theft of any
    kind even against a company the size of Microsoft).  
  3. Third most of my wholesalers who buy from me own game shops and are looking to buy a few hundred cards a month
    and don't mind paying a slightly higher price for legit cards and a steady supplier.   
  4. If you are looking for legitimate cards and a steady supply then we can do business but they will not be the cheapest
    on th market.