About Me.
I have been selling xbox gold cards worldwide for the last two years.  I used
to sell mostly through ebay under the User name Jasper1675, but ebay has
decided that email shipping is no longer an option for sellers so I no longer
sell there.  I have sold well over 20,000 gold cards in the last year.  I’m very
knowledgeable on the Xbox Live system and can help you if you are having
an issue with a card.  I also offer a 100% money back guarantee if the code I
sell you does not work. Most people who visit my site are repeat customers
or have been refereed by a friend so that helps calm most fears, because
buying on the Internet is a bit scary, I always suggest doing a search on
google for Jasper1675 you will find nothing bad about me there.  I personally
try to make your buying experience the best I can, because I understand that
happy customers come back and they also tell their friends about me. I will
not pretend my information system is perfect, well actually the information
system is perfect, it is me or my staff who occasionally makes a mistake.  If
a problem does occur I keep 2 backup copies of every transaction so I can
research it and correct it.

About me personally.  
My hobbies are of course online gaming, right now I mainly play Call of Duty
4 domination online, my personal best game was 113 kills 27 deaths,
shipment of course.   I also play soccer but my knees are starting to ache so
that is down to just a couple times a week.  I own an insurance agency
besides selling online and I also take time to coach basketball at the local
schools I used to coach soccer but this year I’m not doing that.  I started
selling xbox cards online after I purchased a card that turned out to be bogus
from another seller, and thought to myself I could do this and the internet
needs some honest sellers.
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