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These are UK and European Points Only
The 2100 points code will work with any xbox live account that has a registered address
anywhere in Europe, they are priced in pounds only because I pay for them in Pounds so to
make it simple they are priced in pounds.  Otherwise I would constantly have change the
Euro price to reflect the exchange rate.  

Please make sure you purchase points for the correct region.  

It does not matter where you are physically located, what matters is what country you put on
your gamer tag when you signed up.  

Points allow you to purchase tracks for rock band, guitar hero.
New maps for games such as gears of war, call of duty series, and Halo 3.  
Other games have things you can purchase, think of points as Xbox Live's online currency.  

There is a limit of one points card per purchase.  
2100 Point Xbox Live Market Place Card