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    I have decided below to post a video of small shipment being opened at my office.  The video
below is of 250 cards being opened.  You will see they arrive in sealed boxes from Microsoft.  The
video has been sped up a little bit, I do not actually move that fast, also we cut a few of the parts
out to make it a bit shorter.  It actually takes me about 30 minutes to open 250 cards, the video is
8 minutes of footage.  I would like to point out that no other site pictures the cards, they only post
genric images from Microsoft, this is because I'm one of only a few if not the only site that actually
purchases the cards new in the box.  I do this so I can assure the product is 100% legit.  I actually
ask myself everyday how some sites claim to sell hundreds or thousands of cards, but never post
one image of their inventory this always makes me wonder where they are getting their codes.  

    I hope this will put to rest any questions are the cards legit, is some kind of key generator, or
where do I get the codes.  The cards come into my office from the wholesaler just like this every
week.  Typically we get between 500 and 1000 weekly.  There are some high resolution images
below of 15,000 cards at once.
Value of Cards in the Video
9000.00 Euros
7775.00 Pounds Sterling
11,250 US Dollars
The values are calculated at retail value.  

You can also visit my picture pages there I picture about 15,000 cards at one time, there is one
image below on this page.

Pictures of Cards

The image below represents approx 15,000 cards, you can click on it to be taken to a higher
resolution image so you can zoom in and see that every stack in the picture is about 50 cards.  

The cards pictured below have a value of.

539,850.00 Euros.
464,850.00 Pounds Sterling.
675,000.00 US Dolalrs.  

The values were calculated at retail prices on Feb 13,2009.
The cards below are all used and sent out.